52 Ancestors – Titus Townend

25 Feb

I know little about Titus Townend but he was my Great great great great great grandfather born in Emley Yorkshire in 1749 and died in 1826, he was a weaver like many of his descendants. He was married to Mary Ambler and had at least eight children, one of whom was my ancestor Dinah Townend (an unmarried mother).

This description is twenty years before Titus was born but I expect things hadn’t changed much in that time.

Daniel Defoe describing a visit to the West Riding in
“A Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain” (1724):
“This business is the clothing trade, for the convenience of which the houses are thus
scattered and spread upon the sides of the hills……hardly a house standing out of a
speaking distance from another……..and we could see that at almost every house
there was a tenter, and on almost every tenter a piece of cloth…… Wherever we
passed any house we found a little rill or gutter of running water….running into and
through their work houses. Then, as every clothier must keep a horse, perhaps two, to
fetch and carry for the use of his manufacture… every manufacturer generally
keeps a cow or two or more for his family and this employs the two, three or four
pieces of enclosed land about his house……..the women and children…are always
busy, carding, spinning etc, so that no hands being unemployed, all can gain their
bread…… we presently saw a house full of lusty fellows, some at the dye vat, some
dressing the cloths, some in the loom… all hard at work and full employed upon the

Yorkshire weaver

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