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52 ancestors – John Podmore of Coten End

John Podmore of Coten End was born in 1665 he was my 6 and 7 x Great Grandfather, son of Humphry Podmore.

It seems from his will that he was a farmer and that he had acquired a little gold and silver, plus goods and animals, a step up from his father Humphry.

Transcribed as best I can, this is the most informative section of his will.

And as for my Estate I doe ordere give and bequeath and dispose The same in mannor and forme following First I give and Bequeath to my son John Podmore my best sute of Close Item I give and bequeath to my Daughter Mary Podmore The Sum of twenty pounds and my Gold Ring Item I give to my Daughter Elizabeth Podmore The Sum of twenty Pounds and some Old Silver That I have by me Item I give and bequeath To my Son Joseph Podmore my Lands goods cattles and Chattells ????????moveable quick and Dead.

John Podmore marred a Mary Collier at Gnossall in 1691, it would have been at St Lawrence Church, she may be sister to the William Collier who witnessed Humphry Podmore’s will (she has a brother named William but her father is John). The Colliers and the Podmores seem to have been fairly prominent in the area at the time.

John and Mary had four children John, Elizabeth, Mary and Joseph, Joseph is my direct ancestor.

St Lawrence Church, Gnossall

St Lawrence Church, Gnossall, Staffs, many of the Podmore family buried here.

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52 ancestors – Humphry Podmore

Humphry Podmore is my 7 x G Grandfather, he is also my 8 x G Grandfather as his Great Great Grandson Edward Halden married his Great Great Great Granddaughter Jemima Eaton. Most of the information I have about Humphry Podmore can be gleaned from his will, which actually gives quite a lot of information.

  • He was a yeoman which probably means he was a farmer who owned his own land.
  • He lived at Coten End, Gnossall, Staffordshire
  • He could write, he does not give “his mark” but signs and seals the will. He also struggles with writing in a straight line, perhaps this is in the genes!
  • He has a son called John and Grandchildren called Joseph, Mary and Elizabeth.
  • He also has a Grandaughter called Elizabeth who is married to a John Venables who appears to owe him money. I think she is a different person to the Elizabeth Podmore also mentioned in the will.
  • The inventory shows his goods and chattels and money in his pocket to add up to the grand total of £15, this would equate to about  £1,271.25 in today’s money

I have transcribed his will to the best of my ability, please let me know if you can read anything that I can’t or if you spot any mistakes.

What the will does not show is that Humphry was baptized on 23rd April at Gnossall and that his parents were John and Joan. I cannot find any record of his marriage.

Willof Humphrey 1724 1 In the name of God Amen the fourth day of February 1720
in the year of the reign of our most gracious & sovereign Lord
King George now of England, Scotland France and Ireland defender
of the faith of Humphry Podmore of Cotton End in the parish of Gnossal
and County of Stafford I being in health and memory thanks be to
almighty God for it considering my own mortality I do make this
my last will and testament in manner and form following:
First I bequeath my soul to almighty God my master and to Jesus Christ
my redeemer and to the holy Ghost my sanctifier and my body to
the earth from whence it came to be buried in such decent
and Christian manor as to my son John Podmore shall be
Thought meet and convenient there to rest until my soul
And body shall meet again and by joined together at the
Joyfyull resurrection and be made partakers of the
never ending joys of immortality and as for my estate I do order
Give and bequeath and dispose the same in manor and form following:
First I give and bequeath to John Podmore my Grandson the sum of forty shillings
I give and bequeath unto Joseph Podmore my Grandson the sum of forty shillings on my life.
I give and bequeath unto Mary Podmore my Grandaughter my
Poof now standing in the parlour and two pewter dishes now standing in the parlour frame
I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Podmore my Grand
Daughter my good pan and two ? pewter dishes now standing
In the parlour frame and my chest now standing in the chamber
Above the parlour.
I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Venables wife of John
Venables of Podmore my Grandaughter the sum of five shillings
And what she hath in hand already I for give her.
And lastly I constitute and appoint my son John Podmore my sole
Executor of this my last will and testament and revoke all
Wills and promises whatsoever hereto for made in witness
Thereof I put to my hand:

Signed sealed in the presence
Of us
William Collier
John Astley Humphry Podmore Willof Humphrey 1724 2 I haven’t transcribe the above section, think some of it is in Latin. Willof Humphrey 1724 3 A ? and perfect Inventory of all and singular The goods and Chattells of Humphrey Podmore late Of Coton End in the parish of Gnosall in the County Of Stafford yoman deceased  ? and appraised This fourth day of September in the tenth year Of the Reigne of our Sovereign Lord George King over Great Britain Anno Domini 1723 As followeth (viz!) £              s              D One feather Bed furniture thereto belonging                                 4              00           0 One Chest and One Desk                                                                  0              10           0 One Press?                                                                                          1              00           0 One Cupboard and Chair                                                                  1              10           0 Wearing Apparell and money in his purse                                    6              00           0 A Debt due from John Venables and Elizabeth his wife             2              00           0 Things omitted and out of sight                                                       0              05           0 Total      15           00           0 Appraised by us William Collier John Astley

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