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52 ancestors Olive Pearson/Jackson

Olive Pearson is my Great Great Great Grandmother, my father’s father’s father’s father’s mother. She was baptized on 28th June¬†1813¬†28 at Park Lane Presbyterian, Cradley in Worcestershire, her parents were James Pearson and Sarah Davies, she married John Jackson on 8th December 1833 in Clent, Worcestershire. James was a nail maker as were many of the people living in that area.

James Pearson family

Olive Pearson baptism

Olive had one son John, my ancestor, who was born deaf and dumb, I have found another “dumb” Pearson in this area so wonder if this was a hereditary condition. She also had two daughters Mary Ann and Jane Celena, Mary Ann almost certainly died before 1841 but Jane Celena married a James Smith and moved to Darlington (like her brother John did eventually). It seems likely that Olive died in 1844 and by the time of the 1851 census John had remarried a Matilda and had a son Edward with her.


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